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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Further research, Music Inspiration, Ultre

Ultre, real name Finn Mcnichols is a collaborative member of the film making and visual arts group Flat-E. Ultres's Electro-acoustic styled music is filled with complex layers and rhythm. Ultre is not only fantastic at its complex IDM styled rhythm, but also sound design techniques. Its use of imaging and design of space is well placed and add to the quality of these layers. Also it seems as though hes very skilled in capturing the space of where the instrument was played, capturing its acoustic qualities. 

'The songs are filled with an abundance of complex layers and rhythms that make your brain hurt.' (1)

One track in particular 'Lingers', on the 'The Nest and The Skull' Album has a strong resonance of acoustic qualities, atmospheric ghostliness with a strong use of reverb and recording of some sort of underground room tone from the bass qualities. The track uses a blend of lingering sine tone hence the name noticing at the end a change of placement within surround sound.

 'I always lean towards creating recordings within their own world, like when you hear piano and you can hear the history not just the notes or the arrangement. (2)

With the qualities I mentioned above 'Lingers' is an inspiration to both sound design and music for my Short film. I feel that the inspiration of Ultre's music would add oe of the aspects of a 'live' element im looking for. 


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