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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Experienced: Darren Almond - The Principle of Moments

Venue: White Cube, London, Until Oct 2nd (Free)

'Anthropocene: The Prelude'

On the 21st of September I witnessed work by Darren Almond within the contemporary, White Cube gallery.  Darren Almond had created two pieces for the gallery; one, a time based weather incurred photographic collection of the same shot, shaped into tiny squares across the top floor. The second was a fantastic 3 screen installation of archival styled footage of the Artic breaking apart. The two front screens were in motion with one moving up and the other inverted. The screen at the back was mainly a static image showing extreme weather conditions.

The Installation was accompanied by a haunting sound scape by composer Max Ritcher. The soundscape is what struck me first before I even laid my eyes on the visuals, its quality was very atmospheric, foreboding and quite Lynchian. With the visuals and sound together, I felt as though I was being sucked into and enveloped within the Artic's dark, solitary atmosphere.

In relation to the Film, the installation's and stylization and atmosphere of the Artic is something I could take on for the beginning animation. Although I find that this is something that takes time to engulf yourself with the atmosphere, it would be hard with the short film to achieve a similar atmosphere in the short amount of time I have, although Max Ritcher's sound design could also be inspiring throughout the film.

Original Source: White Cube, Time Out London
Image Source Studio-International

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